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Give a listen to Cabin Recordings 2014!

Come visit me and Rory at our farm, Pattee Canyon Beach!

Have you taken a bath yet in one of my wood-fired bathtubs?

Have you seen the cool little structures I've built?

Have you listened to Cabin Recordings 2013 yet? 

Have you listened to Cabin Recordings 2012 yet?

Did you hear about how I built a cabin?

Do you know I build guitars?

Did you know I played Total Fest XI?

Check out my Cabin Recordings 2011! Listen and/or download free! Check out the write-up at Weird Missoula! Check out the write-up at The Missoula Independent!

Were you ready for MEGALOBAMBOOZLEMENTARIANISM? Check out the write-up in The Missoula Independent!

Did you ever stop by the BSMT?

Did you know I played The MAM for Total Fest IX?

Did you know I'm an alum of a prestigious Ivy League university?

Check out my asteroid!

Check out my mashups!

Check out my 2010 cabin recordings!

Check out my hundreds of videos!

Check out my solo guitar instrumentals 2009!

Check out my solo guitar instrumentals 2003!

Check out Whalefarm, produced by Ben Martinsen!

Check out my murals!

Check out my fine art!

Check out Home ReSource!

Did you know I have made some stickers?

Watch the two movies in which I have starred: Trophies With Faces and The Meat of Manus.

Check out the commercial I did for Missoula Boys and Girls Club!

Read the research paper I helped publish in the Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Did you know that I was the world music director at KBGA from 2008 to 2010? Check out my dj profile on KBGA.ORG! Tune in to my radio show, Wednesdays 9-11 am, KBGA Missoula, 89.9 fm. Streaming live at kbga.org. Also, check out the award I won from KBGA in 2009.

Did you also know that I DJ the show "Dancing with Tradition" on Montana Public Radio? Tune in Mondays 9:30-10:30 pm. www.mtpr.org

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Jun 30, 2011, 1:35 AM